Accounting Service, LLC


GEM Accounting Service for your Tax Preparation needs

Tax Laws change all the time. GEM stays up-to-date on both State and Federal Tax Laws so you don't have to.

Get more money back.  The majority of our clients have found deductions they were not aware of—let the professionals maximize your tax return.

Organize your tax records for the long term and live stress free. In the event of an audit, you will have neat and clean files to present.  The IRS shuns the "receipt shoebox" theory.

Benefit from tax advice strategy throughout the year.  GEM will advise you on important financial decisions during the year that will affect your tax liability.

Trust a licensed tax professional, not a software program.  We can catch mistakes that do it yourself tax preparation software won't, so you can avoid penalties and audits.  Remember, the answer is not always "yes" or "no", there is much more to it!

Serving area includes:  Bedford  NH •  Manchester  NH •  Nashua  NH •  Concord  NH