Accounting Service, LLC


GEM Accounting Service for your Payroll needs

We offer "specialty payroll" services.  We don't just do the data entry.  If you are a company that needs your payroll job costed, if you deal with Unions, if you have stamps to purchase, or deal with Government Certified Payroll, then GEM can help you with all your payroll needs.  Don't let those other payroll services fool you; very few firms offer "specialty payroll" services.  Fees are minimal and the lowest cost in New Hampshire.

Payroll tax and unemployment laws and regulations are constantly changing; let the professionals handle the R.S.A. rules and regulations.  Take the burden off your shoulders and avoid the costly fines and penalties that could put your business in financial ruin.

Payroll services include preparing regular payroll, whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly; to include all quarterly/annual report filings.

Let the professionals worry about the timing and deadlines for all 941 Quarterly Federal Returns, 940 Federal Unemployment Tax Returns, Unemployment Quarterly Tax and Wage Reports, and year end reporting; to include all 1099/1096/W2/W3 year end payroll filings.

Payroll  job costing, union dues, stamps, and Certified Payroll are some of the many services your average payroll service provider does not have the capability of offering nor the experience to offer the service.  GEM can help you with this.

Serving area includes:  Bedford  NH •  Manchester  NH •  Nashua  NH •  Concord  NH